Lakes & ponds

With over 15 years experience in constructing Lakes & ponds working extensively for both commercial and domestic applications.

Lakes & ponds

Recent projects include an 8,000,000 gallon synthetic lined reservoir in Chichester, Hampshire primarily for vegetable growing.

20,000 gallon natural clay lined reservoir in Lymington, Hampshire which is for vegetable irrigation.

Carp and Coarse fishing lakes

Our lake portfolio includes a total of seven coarse and match fishing lakes for Todber Manor Fisheries in Dorset and a series of lakes in Woolland, Dorset.  Currently, due to diversification from land owners and the private sector, our lake construction activities continue to grow.

fishinglakesdorsettodbermanor fishinglakesdorsettodbermanor fishinglakesdorsettodbermanor

Lake construction

Projects vary from large and small lakes for amenity, conservation, coarse and trout fishing.  All aspects of site surveying, drawings for planning applications and Environment Agency approval can be carried out if required.

lakeconstruction  lakeconstructionandlandscaping

 Below is a picture of ‘little Hayes’ lake at Todber Manor Fisheries


Lakes & ponds restoration

We undertake all restoration and de-silting work to existing lakes & ponds and water features. Below is an example of restored 18th century lakes that includes natural stone work retaining banks and water falls, together with restored pedestrian bridges.

  Lakes & ponds     Lakes & ponds     Lakes & ponds     Lakes & ponds

All aspects of lining

Below is an example of a large synthetic lined reservoir. This service can be used to create lakes & ponds and generally consists of a three layer lining system, a geo-fabric underlay, a synthetic liner and a geo-fabric overlay.  This achieves a 100% water retention, where as natural products i.e. clay are prone to root and plant penetration.

lakewithstonetrack syntheticlinedreservoir ariallake